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On completion of the street fighter arcade, we started to brain storm ideas for our second cab. One of the first things that became apparent was the sheer size of the street fighter arcade.

The street fighter arcade was built around a traditional style CRT monitor and the depth of the arcade was more or less determined by this. With the “Invaders” arcade, we wanted to try and capture the originality of the 1970s arcade graphics but with a modern day design.

A LED screen was decided which allowed the depth of the arcade to be a lot less. This also meant we would have to design a VESA TFT mount to fit the LED panel into the arcade. We came up with a “space invader” TFT bracket, which not only fitted in with the arcades overall design. But also became part of our Premier Arcades LOGO.

We also learnt (the hard way) that moving the cabs around could be cumbersome with all the hardware still installed. We designed a removal control panel for the space invader arcade, which also housed the wiring looms and PC components. It could be easily removed for transportation or access to any of the wiring.

We were very pleased with the almost complete results. And after painting the inside of the cab, it was a real shame to cover up all the hard work and attention to detail. After some thinking we cut a full length window in the rear of the cab to display not only the tidy wiring, but our signature TFT bracket.

We then added some LED ambient lighting for that WOW factor!

Name: “Space Invaders”

Artwork: Designed by Premier Arcades.

Number of Players: 2 Player 8 buttons per player.

Measurements: 1840mm (H), 750mm (W), 780mm (D),

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That's probably the best scratch made cab I've seen anywhere, period!

Perspex and lighting

The attention to detail we put in our cabs is mind blowing, (or so we've been told). We feel the interior is just as important as the exterior.

We paint the inside of all of our cabinets with the same painting method we use on the outside. This gives a real sense of quality. If you have to access the interior for what ever reason, it makes it that bit more enjoyable. We even paint behind the marquee, you can't even see it!

The arcade machines wiring is also another area where we spend a lot of time. It can become a real bird's nest in there. We separate the interior of the cab into sections. Control panel, admin panel and main body. Each section also has a wiring harness that can be easily unplugged if maintenance is needed.

To highlight the level of detail inside the cabinets, we fitted the Space Invader arcade with a full length perspex rear window. We also fitted white ambient lighting to gently illuminate the interior of the cabinet. We feel the end result is great, and the addition of colour coded bar stools really makes the colours pop!