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The street fighter arcade was the first cab we built.

We had never constructed an arcade machine before so we took it slow. I’m sure you’ll agree the results speak for themselves!

We learnt a lot from the build, not only from a construction point of view but also from the software and scripting side. We even designed and printed the artwork ourselves! Not bad for a first time build.

However we were faced with somewhat of a dilemma once it was completed. Where should it live! After deciding that it would be difficult sharing an arcade between households. We starting planning to make a second arcade machine, the “Space Invaders” arcade…..

…. And Premier Arcades was born!

Name: Street Fighter Arcade.

Artwork: Designed by Premier Arcades.

Number of Players: 2 Player 8 buttons per player.

Measurements: 1840mm (H),  880mm (W),  1000mm (D)

build logo

Very good job, very clean, this is one of the most beautiful cabs i have ever seen!


The Street Fighter arcade is powered by a Microsoft Windows 7 based "PC". The specification of the machine is relatively high-end as far as arcade machines need to be. This is mainly due to the fact that we wanted to be able to run Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition* In HD. The choice of the arcade machines Frontend also had an influence on the hardware specification as it is CPU intensive. It's specification is as follows;

  • Quad Core Intel CPU
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • 1GB HDMI Dedicated Graphics 

It's also worth noting, that on this arcade machine the Windows OS is totally hidden away from the user (Shelled).  We feel that this gives a more streamline arcade experience. The machine boots up straight into the Frontend and navigation is all done via the arcade stick and buttons (control panel).

No keyboard and mouse needed here!

*You'll notice in the build pictures that the arcade machines was originally designed with a CRT monitor/TV. This was later swapped out with to a HD OLED monitor to be able to play Street Fighter IV in HD.